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Medical Services




Johannesburg has an excellent network of private and state hospitals and clinics. When travelling to South Africa, it is wise to ensure that you have medical insurance, as most private health facilities will ask for upfront payment.


Food safety:

 Johannesburg has strict food safety regulations that are enforced wherever food is handled. This ensures that the quality of food in Johannesburg is always of the highest standard.



 Influenza season is during the winter months (May to August). Consider having a flu vaccination at the start of the season, especially if you are pregnant, of an advanced age, or have a chronic condition.



 Choosing your sexual partners carefully and always using a condom can prevent HIV/AIDS. In South Africa, the legal age of consent is 16 and sex with anyone under the age is a criminal offence.



 Johannesburg is not a malaria area, but most game reserves in Mpumalanga and Limpopo and some parts of KwaZulu-Natal are. If you are planning to visit one of these areas, be sure to get your vaccinations well in advance and to take other preventative steps where applicable.



 Smoking is illegal in public spaces such as restaurants, bars, shopping malls and public transport, except when there is a clearly demarcated and enclosed zone. 


Travel Clinics:

011 647 3458 and 011 301 0326



Fire and ambulance: 10177

Police: 10111


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