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Municipal Bylaws



Municipal by-laws are public regulatory laws, which apply in the Joburg area. Bylaws cover various local government issues such as public roads, parking grounds, public open spaces, street trading, public health, cemeteries and crematoria, emergency services, culture and recreation services, and encroachment on property.


The by-laws are divided into separate sections by theme. They are available to open in Adobe Acrobat format.


To download Acrobat reader, click here.


Outdoor advertising bylaws


The City Manager of the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality hereby in terms of section 13(a) of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, 32 of 2000, read with section 162(2) of the Constitution, 1996, publishes the Outdoor Advertising Bylaws for the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality as approved by its Council which will come into operation on the date of promulgation of this notice.

Acrobat version [875kb]

Application procedure for advertisements on blimps[43kb]

Application for advertisements on Banners, flags and similar objects[72kb]

Application procedure for advertising signs - 2010 logo[59kb]

Application procedure for Cell mast - 2010 logo[38kb]

Application procedure for development boards - 2010 logo[52kb]

Application procedure for painted and mural signs[41kb]

Engineers letter[30kb]

Section 26: Transit Advertising[76kb]





1. The protection of wild animals and birds

Published under notice 1335 in the Provincial Gazette Extraordinary dated 10 April 2006:

Acrobat version [28kb]


2. Dogs and cats

Published under notice 1334 in the Provincial Gazette Extraordinary dated 10 April 2006:

Acrobat version [73kb]


Cemeteries and Crematoria

Disposal of bodies; coffins and graves; funerals; re-opening of graves and exhumations; care of graves; memorials and inscriptions; cremations and memorial work in crematoria; indigent persons, prohibited acts.

Acrobat version [335kb]


Credit Control and Debt Collection

Rights and obligations of ratepayers who are consumers of council services including water and electricity, waste collection, etc. For more details, contact Stan Maphologela This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it at the Department of Revenue.


Policy document:

By-law [913kb]

Policy [202kb]


Culture and Recreation

Library services including membership, loans and hours; hire and use of community arts and culture facilities; community centres; camping and caravan parks including permits and conditions; sports facilities; offences and penalties.

Acrobat version [579kb]



It is hereby notified in terms of Section 101 of the Local Government Ordinance, 1939, that the Greater Johannesburg Metropolitan Council have adopted a uniform set of Electricity By-laws for the entire Metropolitan area served by Metropolitan Electricity. Areas serviced by Eskom are not subject to these By-laws but to that organisation's rules and provision of electricity supply.

Acrobat version [42kb]


Emergency Services

Fire prevention; burning of refuse; fire protection including building construction, sprinkler systems, emergency exits; fire-fighting equipment, evacuation plans, water supply; control of fireworks; use, handling and storage of flammable substances; transport, supply and delivery of dangerous goods; spray painting; fire brigade services; handling of animals; offences and penalties.

Acrobat version [1,042kb]


Encroachment on Property

Council permission and rules; columns; balconies and bay windows; plinths, pilasters, corbels and cornices; verandas around corners; pavement openings; maintenance, removal and tenancy of projections; paving of footways; offences and penalties.

Acrobat version [141kb]


Metered Taxi, Minibus, Midibus and Bus

Shortest route and other driver obligations; operation of taximeter; bus stops; parking; engagement of passengers; payment of fares; filth, disease and disinfection; driver's right of refusal; lost property; dangerous articles; cleanliness; queue marshals; offences and penalties.

Acrobat version [36kb]


Parking Grounds

Fees; ticket-controlled grounds: fees and conditions; parking meter grounds: conditions, prohibitions; pay and display grounds: parking, prohibitions; defective vehicles; cleaning and repair of vehicles; tampering and obstructions; defacing of tickets; abandoned vehicles; refusal of admission; offences and penalties)

Acrobat version [177kb]


Public Health

Principles, hazards and nuisances; hazardous uses of premises; sanitary services including sewage system and toilets; private sewage works; water supply, boreholes and wells; "offensive trades" and storage of waste; hairdressing, beauty and cosmetology services; second-hand goods; accommodation establishments; dry-cleaning and laundry businesses; swimming pools and spa-baths; nursing homes; child-care services; keeping of animals; pet shops and parlours; offences and penalties

Acrobat version [302kb]


Public Open Spaces

Principles, management, fees and access; prohibited activities including rules for walking dogs; erection of structures and special events; applications for authorisation; co-operative management agreements; tree preservation; offences and penalties)

Acrobat version [296kb]


Public Roads and Miscellaneous

Damage to trees; barbed wire and electrical fencing; cleaning and repairing on public roads; excavations; defacing or painting public roads; races and sports events; loitering on roads or places of entertainment; public decency; trolleys; stormwater and watercourses; obstructions; planting; permission to hoard; control of traffic; games on public roads; throwing stones; animals on public roads; offences and penalties)

Acrobat version [683kb] 

Acrobat version: Code of Practice[526kb]


Street Trading

Prohibited and restricted conduct; cleanliness; restricted and prohibited areas; removal and impoundment; vicarious responsibility; offences and penalties)

Acrobat version [169kb]


Waste Management

Information system; municipal service: provision and usage; commercial services including industrial, garden, building and hazardous waste; transportation and disposal; license applications, terms and conditions; prohibition of littering and dumping; powers of authorised officials; offences and penalties)

Acrobat version [427kb]


Water Services

Applications, fees, accounts and arrears; council obligations; unauthorised use and interference; supply services including installation work, measurement, restrictions, testing; special provision for fire services; sanitation services; sewage; industrial effluent; drainage installation and maintenance; powers of designated officer; exemptions; offences)

Acrobat version [275kb]


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