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Amatuli Fine Art


If you want your jaw to drop at the enormity of thousands of pieces of beautiful African artworks, take a trip to Kramerville, and wander from room to room and out into the garden to marvel at the range of items. Outside there are magnificently carved crocodiles, fish and snakes from Swaziland, together with dug-out canoes from central Africa. Then walk inside, and you'll see items from every country in Africa - wall hangings, grass baskets, benches, headrests, tall painted figures, masks, horns, wooden antelope heads, bronze heads, and much, much more. Owner Mark Valentine says he sells around 300 items a day, with several people working all day wrapping and packaging these items. He has been selling African craft for more than two decades at "good, honest" prices. Some of the artwork dates back to the 1930s, and he has craftspeople on the continent specifically producing stuff for him. He spends some 40 percent of the year traveling throughout Africa, and sends back the artwork in containers by sea. Go and get your special piece of Africa.


6 Desmond Street
Phone: 0114405065
Fax: 0866090247
Amatuli Fine Art
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Contact Number: 0114405065
Fax Number: 0866090247

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