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Beauty and the Beast - Silverstar


Tall and willowy Caroline-Grace Brüssow and Funny-man Johan “Fatman” Brummer relationship during The Voice South Africa Season 2 became stronger as the show progressed that they decided to join forces and do a tour together.


As funny as Johan can be he said: He does not know how Caroline would feel, if everyone call her the Beast. Caroline said: She will be ok with it as long as she can be the one to make-up Johan so he can fit the role as “Beauty” then.


Beauty and the Beast will be a show of laughter but also some serious moments. You can except a few collaborations that you never image these two would perform together, as well as songs you heard them sing during The Voice SA.



Event Date(s)

Start DateStart TimeEnd DateEnd Time
Thu, 24 May 201808:00 PMThu, 24 May 201810:00 PM
Barnyard Theatre Silverstar
Shop No. 2 The Square at Silverstar Casino R28, Muldersdrift Mogale City Krugersdorp 1740
Phone: +27 10 5930744
27.8280487, -26.0685043
Beauty and the Beast - Silverstar
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Contact Person: Barnyard Theatre Silverstar
Contact Number: +27 10 5930744

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