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67 Minutes in Mandela Month


No one could have predicted that the 18th of July 1918 would give rise to one of the world’s most profound and evocative leaders, or that the day would go on to be one that’s celebrated in kind and simple acts of selflessness. Commemorating a lifetime of service and in honour of his legacy of enduring change, the 18th of July is now globally known as International Nelson Mandela Day.


Officially declared by the United Nations General Assembly as Mandela Day, the annual anniversary of Mr Nelson Mandela’s Birthday is celebrated worldwide in tribute to the efforts Madiba exerted in changing South Africa and the world at large, for the better.

Each year in July, while reflecting on his lifelong commitment to inspiring change, the world spares 67 minutes of their time for charity.


How can I make a difference?

Large or small, planned or random, every act of kindness sets in motion positive change. Here are a few ideas for inspiration if you are looking for ways to give back to Joburg, make a difference to the Jozi community and commit 67 minutes of living as Mandela did for 67 years of his life.


Action Against Jozi Poverty

  • Collect and donate non-perishables and other food supplies to one of the many soup kitchens in Joburg, Jozi housing and homeless shelters or other organisations acting against poverty by supplying meals to the homeless and needy.


  • Prepare food parcels and deliver meals to the less fortunate. This could be as simple as making a few extra sandwiches at lunchtime or cooking meals the night before and delivering them to street children and others in need.


Be Charitable

  • Gather unwanted appliances, clothes, blankets or even get your kids involved in sorting unwanted toys and books and donate these to homes, orphanages such as JHB Child Welfare and other charities throughout Jozi that can put these items to better use.



  • Give someone a lift, help to change a tyre or pay for someone’s groceries that look like they could do with some help. Charity comes in the simplest form of kindness, with no act wasted.


Give of Your Time

  • Put in a day’s leave and spend the day playing soccer, braiding a doll's hair, reading books or all of the above at a children’s home in Jozi. Giving love, cuddles and spending time paying attention to the children of our city is never wasted.


  • Take the kids to an animal shelter or rescue centre and spend an afternoon cleaning enclosures, grooming the animals, petting them or taking them for walks.


  • Spend the day painting schools, cleaning the river or turning your pavement into a pop-up vegetable patch where produce is free to passer-by’s.


Whether it be by action, activism, charity or a random act of kindness, young and old across Jozi act together in their intent to give back, to make a difference and to initiate a change where it’s needed the most.

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